Q & A

Is it free?

Can I post blog entries without games?

Can I post blog entries with more than one game?
But put individual pairs of tags <pgn></pgn> around each game then.

What about games with recursive alternative variations? Can I post them, too?

Are there other ways to enter a game than post the PGN?

Are there different forms of PGN? Can all of them be submitted?
The PGN output from different programs differs sometimes. For example, Chessbase gives "1. e4" and Arena "1.e4".
If you have a problem with posting games on chesslog.de, don't hesitate to send me your PGN by mail.

Can I export my game again as PGN?
Yes, from the games tab when you are logged in.

Can other users post comments to MY games?
At the moment, there is no way to say: user A is allowed to comment, user B is not.

Can I comment in form of chess lines (instead of "in form of prose")?
Yes, but this is still a bit tricky because you need to enter the moves in strict PGN.
In the comment form, you can enter something like this: "<pgn>43... Qxe5+ 44. Kh1 Ra1#</pgn>".
It is important to use the English piece identifiers (like N for knight, ...) and also to leave spaces after the move numbers.
Nested variations are not supported yet, neither are text comments inside PGN comments.

Where are the buttons to edit/delete blog entries?
They are only visible when you are logged in.

Do I need to enable JavaScript and cookies?

Can I link to a specific game (instead of to my most recent entries)?
Yes. Beneath each game header, there is a link like "http://www.chesslog.de/users/abcd/?game=1234".
This is a link for just that specific game.

Does chesslog.de generate an RSS feed of my chess blog?